Welcome of a new member of the laboratory

  • For UVSQ staff (holder or CDD), the professional badge / card is made by the HRD when the recruitment file is complete.
  • For doctoral students, the badge is the student card, made once registration for a doctoral student is completed.
  • For other staff (hosted staff, visitors), the badge is made by the security PC.

for everyone:

- Fill the badge request form (word or pdf) to have access to buildings
- have it signed by the laboratory director
- and send it to the security PC with a photo.

For non-UVSQ personnel (CNRS agents, volunteer collaborators, external doctoral students, etc.), it is necessary to:
- Fill a « Declaration of hosted staff »
- have it signed by the laboratory director
- and transmit it to the research department


  • The agent, permanent and contractual UVSQ staff and doctoral students, whose files are up to date, receive a Harpège number.
  • Non UVSQ personnel receive their Harpège number once their “declaration of hosted personnel” has been sent.


Procedure for 1st connection :

Your account is only activated once. One or two minutes is enough.

  • Connect to the application: moncompte.uvsq.fr
  • Select the option "Activation of my UVSQ account"
  • Enter your Harpege number
  • Enter your birth name
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your alternative email address. In this way, if you forget your password, you can receive the validation code authorizing the reset of your password at this alternative address. This information is optional.
  • Enter your mobile phone number. You can thus, if you forget your password, receive by SMS the validation code authorizing the reset of your password. This information is optional.
    If you do not provide an alternative email address or mobile phone number, you will be forced to physically go to the head office to retrieve your new password if you have forgotten your password. The ISD does not broadcast a password over the phone.
  • Check the box to accept the university's IT charter.
  • Choose your password , then confirm it. The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters and numbers.

Your account is now activated. You can access the staff portal and its applications.

  • Declaration of the MAC (Ethernet) address of the computer

- Via the application Mon PC or in the tab "Mes applis Métier" of the ENT
- Access to the wired network within minutes

  • For any request concerning the internet and telephone network, deposit tickets on the ENT.


  • UVSQ staff: Reception of an email sent by the establishment or creation of an account via the site ISLY
  • Hosted staff: Creation of an IZLY card, to do with the CROUS by providing a copy of salary slip.
- Creation by Nadège of a file in the laboratory directory for each member, creation of a "reader" account for access to the intranet, sending of an automatic email to configure the password. - Possibility for laboratory members to create a professional page on the lab site (ask Nadège for the writing rights and the procedure to follow) or add a link to a personal site, PLM hosting for example (communicate to Nadège the address of the site).

- Complete the document « Réséda – new agent creation »
- forward it to Nadège for the update of laboratory members


- Updated by Nadège

- Possibility of connection to portal math via the ENT identifiers and associate their account with an existing PLM account or create one to access digital services.

- Send Nadège a recent photo to update the trombinoscope