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Bibliographic records and location


  • SUDOC : Catalog of the University Documentation System (collective catalog produced by libraries and documentation centers for higher education and research) – it allows you to locate a document and request its loan.

Search for books – full or partial text consultation

  • UVSQ documentary portal
    In particular, we find there the entire collection of the Research Library of the Mathematics laboratory (3200 books).
  • LiNuM : digitization of 3000 monographs
  • NuMIR : site for the distribution of digitized monographs from the Mathematics Computer Science Research libraries of the Universities of Paris Diderot and Pierre and Marie Curie – 373 books out of print: 282 titles edited by Springer, 81 titles edited by Birkhaüser, complete works by Charles Ehresmann, a course by Bruno Poizat, a book by Pierre Dolbeault and a thesis by Philippe Grotard
  • Gallica-Math: complete works of many prestigious mathematicians (Abel, d’Alembert, Cauchy, the Elements of Euclid …)
  • EMIS (European Mathematical Information Service) : ELibM (Electronic Library of Mathematics) – around twenty digitized works

Data base

  • Base de données américaine MathSciNet (1800-…) – note: author database which lists the publications for each author and the number of citations.


Article search

  • CFP (Merged Catalog of Periodicals): lists all the mathematics journals of the RNBM libraries, including our own.
  • math portal, a service by and for the French mathematics research community (portal Mathdoc/RNBM/Mathrice)
  • BibCNRS : The CNRS portal : (with Janus CNRS identifiers)
  • JStor – John Hopkins Univ. Press
  • AMS (American Mathematical Society), EMS (European Mathematical Society)

Open access

  • NUMDAM (Digitization of old mathematical documents): offers free access to articles in mathematics journals.
  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) : multidisciplinary database which lists 190 mathematics and statistics journals in open access
  • EMIS (European Mathematical Information Service) : ELibM (Electronic Library of Mathematics) access to a hundred journals
  • EMANI (Electronic Mathematical archiving Network Initiative)
  • BNF-Gallica : 11 digitized publications, including Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences, Journal de Mathématiques pures et Appliquées, Bulletin de la Société mathématique de France …
  • Mathematicians websites or blogs :
    Alain Connes : his courses, his publications …



Self-study documentary research

  • quelques tracks on the DBIST portal
  • videos offered by Paris-Saclay University