Cryptology and Information Security (CRYPTO)

The “Cryptology and Information Security” team was born with the arrival of Jacques Patarin at the UVSQ in 2001 and was reinforced in 2004 when Louis Goubin and Antoine Joux joined it. Joined the trio Michaël Quisquater in 2006, Nicolas Gama in 2010, Luca De Feo in 2011 and Christina Boura in 2013. In 2013 Antoine Joux became the Chair of Cryptology at the UPMC Partnership Foundation.

In its research activity, the team aims to widely cover the various themes of academic research in cryptology, public key and secret key cryptography, cryptanalysis, security of implementations, number theory, multivariable cryptography, hash functions …

The “Cryptology and Information Security” team brings its specificity in the teaching of mathematics and computer science at the UVSQ and, for a few years, the university has offered several training courses with a part devoted to cryptology and IT security. In particular, the applied algebra research master offers a full course in cryptology. It has just been completed by a professional master, called SeCReTS.

In order to contribute to the national and international recognition of the team, its members are also involved in research support activities. In particular, the team includes ten doctoral students; four are doing their thesis at UVSQ, the other four being based in companies or other laboratories. If you want to join the team to do an internship, a thesis, a postdoctoral fellowship, a project, don’t hesitate to contact one of the permanent staff.

Finally, we regularly organize a seminar dedicated to cryptography and IT security. This seminar, open to all, generally takes place on Wednesdays. The program, as well as the list of seminars from previous years, is available here. To intervene in this, by presenting your research or your industrial developments, please contact the managers.

Research topics

The CRYPTO group’s research activity has been developing for several years on the following fundamental axes:

  • Asymmetric diagrams (elliptic curves, couplings, multivariable polynomials, networks, …);
  • Security proofs for secret key or public key protocols;
  • Design and cryptanalysis of hash functions and block cipher algorithms;
  • Auxiliary channel attacks: modeling and countermeasures;
  • Cryptography and intensive computing, cryptanalysis, Gröbner bases, reduction of networks.


Scientific project (2015-2019)

The scientific objectives are articulated in 4 research axes (with many interactions):



Seminars and working groups:

  • CRYPTO seminars



  • Archives
  • Publications from 2016: HAL-LMV


Members of the team

Manager : Louis Goubin


– Teachers and Directors of Research

Balthazar BauerChaire Professeur Junior
Goubin Louis PR
Patarin Jacques PR


– Assistant Professors and Research Officers

Boura Christina MCF
Quisquater Michaël MCF
Rotella Yann MCF


– PhD student and post-doc

Azevedo-Oliveira PacoDoctorant, thèse CIFRE
Boudi Anas Doctorant, thèse CIFRE
Funk MargotDoctorante
Galissant Pierre Doctorant
Heim RachelleDoctorante
Saab Chatrouni MayaDoctorante, thèse CIFRE
Sarde VladimirDoctorant, thèse CIFRE
Varjabedian PierreDoctorant, thèse CIFRE


– Volunteer collaborator

Gelin Alexandre Chercheur associé, professeur agrégé
Gilbert Henri Chercheur associé, ANSSI


Former members

Former members before the CRYPTO team joined the laboratory in 2016.

The people who left the team afterwards are listed in the former members of the laboratory.

Mehdi-Laurent Akkar
Aurélie Bauer
Anja Becker
Naomi Benger
Alexandre Berzati
Olivier Billet
Peter Birkner
Guilhem Castagnos
Maria Christofi
Christophe Clavier
Léonard Dallot
Blandine Debraize
Pascal Delaunay
Jonathan Etrog
Christophe Giraud
Sorina Ionica
Malika Izabachène
Antoine Joux
Benjamin Justus
Rodolphe Lampe
Ronan Lashermes
Ange Martinelli
Jean-Michel Masereel
Audrey Montreuil
Johan Nielsen
Thomas Peyrin
Jérôme Plût
Jean-René Reinhard
Antoine Rojat
Yannick Seurin
Renaud Tabary
Joana Treger
Bastien Vayssière
Vanessa Vitse
Emmanuel Volte