Procedure for guests on mission

For laboratory guests :


The procedure is briefly recalled below.

The mission order request form to download recalls this procedure in detail, the market rules to be respected, and the supporting documents to be provided.


BEFORE you come to LMV:

1. Have the LMV take-over agreement

2. Fill in the form: Mission order request (pdf) and send it to the list

3. Fill in the form: Création d’agent invité au laboratoire / Request for creating agent
AND attach an original RIB to it.

4. How to organize your trip?

There is a MANDATORY market for transportation and accommodation. Please do not make the purchases by yourself and get closer to the laboratory managers.


On return from mission: 3 steps for any refund:

1. The missionary must transmit the mission order accompanied by all the original supporting documents to the laboratory managers.

2. A liquidation statement (costs incurred for the mission) will be established.

3. Mandatory signature of the liquidation statement by the director of the laboratory AND by the missionary for payment.