Young researchers

We’re on the move at LMV! Here is a map bringing together the different professional trips of young LMV researchers since 2016.
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A question about the (post) doctorate at LMV? You can ask Ilaria Chilloti (CRYPTO team), Camilla Fiorini (Analysis and EDP team) or Salim Rostam (Algebra and Geometry team), representatives of young LMV researchers.

List of young researchers at LMV


Team “Algebra and Geometry”:

Bastien Drevon (doctorant LMV)
Andrea Fanelli (post-doctorant FMJH)
Dimitri Koshelev (doctorant LMV)
Ahmed Moussaoui (post-doctorant Hadamard)
Sybille Rosset (doctorante LMV)
Salim Rostam (doctorant LMV/LMR, agrégé-préparateur à l’ENS Rennes)
Arsen Shebzukhov (doctorant LMV)
Jiandi Zou (doctorant LMV)


Team “Analysis and partial differential equations”:

Thibaud Beltzung (doctorant LMV/ CEA)
Melek Jellouli (doctorant LMV/ ?)
Hugo Martin (doctorant LMV/ljll)
Hélène Mertz (doctorante CIFRE LMV/ Airbus)
Mamadou Ndao (ATER)
Florian Omnès (post-doctorant LMV)
Maxime Stauffert (doctorant LMV/ Maison de la Simulation)


Equipe “Probability and Statistics”:

Sandrine Boulet (ATER)


Equipe “Cryptology and Information Security”:

Elise Barelli (ATER)
Loïc Besson (doctorant CIFRE LMV/ ?)
Colin Chaigneau (doctorate LMV)
Alexandre Gelin (post-doctorant LMV)
Eliane Koussa (doctorante LMV)
Axel Mathieu-Mahias (doctorant LMV)
Albrecht Petzoldt (post-doctorant LMV)
Edouard Rousseau (doctorant LMV/ Telecom Paristech)
Clémence Vermeersch (doctorante CIFRE LMV/ ?)


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