CRYPTO: Luca De Feo (IBM): On the (in)security of ElGamal in OpenPGP

Bâtiment Descartes, salle 301

Do you think you know ElGamal encryption? Think twice. We uncover vulnerabilities in the OpenPGP ecosystem stemming from confusion about the definition of ElGamal encryption (and the lack of an unequivocable standard). The first vulnerability leads to practical plaintext recovery

CRYPTO : Pierre Galissant (UVSQ) : Resisting Key-Extraction and Code-Compression: a Secure Implementation of the HFE Signature Scheme in the White-Box Model

Bâtiment Descartes, salle 301

Cryptography is increasingly deployed in applications running on open devices in which the software is extremely vulnerable to attacks, since the attacker has complete control over the execution platform and the software implementation itself. This creates a challenge for cryptography:

CRYPTO : Patrick Derbez (Université Rennes 1) : MILP appliqué à la cryptographie

Bâtiment Descartes, salle 301

Rechercher les meilleures attaques et les meilleurs distingueurs contre les primitives cryptographiques a toujours été une tâche difficile. Depuis une dizaine d'années, l'utilisation de solveurs MILP pour résoudre ce type de problèmes s'est largement démocratisée. Dans cette présentation nous discuterons

CRYPTO : Alain Couvreur (Inria Saclay) : On a recent attack on SIKE

Bâtiment Fermat, salle 4205

In this talk, after recalling some general results on elliptic curves and isogenies, I will present, the various key exchange techniques based on isogenies between, namely Couveignes-Rostovtsev-Stolbunov, SIKE and CSIDH. Then, I give a description of the main ideas that