CIMPA 2016 « Mathematical models in biology and medicine »

CIMPA School « Mathematical models in biology and medicine »

Mauritius (Ile Maurice)

2016, December 05-16

Location of the school: Moka, Voila Hotel and Institut Français de Maurice

Official langage of the school: english





  • Cristobal Bertoglio (Universidad de Chile)
  • Muhammad Zaid Dauhoo (University of Mauritius)
  • Astrid Decoene (Université Paris Sud)
  • Marie Doumic (INRIA Rocquencourt) : slides and video of the talk
  • Laurent Dumas (Université de Versailles): slides and webpage
  • Pierre Gabriel (Université de Versailles): lecture notes


Brief presentation

Mathematical modeling in biology and medicine is undergoing a major development in order to meet the health and environmental challenges we face today. It allows better understanding, and accurate prediction of the dynamics of complex biological systems. Specific tools based on ordinary or partial differential equations and optimization methods need to be developed in collaboration with Mauritius, Réunion, Malagasy Republic, South Africa and other countries of the Indian Ocean, particularly with respect to the epidemiological aspects. The main aim of the school is to present and discuss the related mathematical principles and the recent developments and advances in mathematical medicine and biology. It will be an opportunity for postgraduate students and researchers to gain a basic training in the latter area. The school aims to cover a broad spectrum of mathematical modeling in biology and medicine, with an emphasis on population dynamics, epidemiology, and hemodynamics mainly. It will include sessions on both the theoretical analysis of partial differential equations and on their numerical discretization.

Main objectives

CIMPA school will introduce students to the application of mathematical modelling in the analysis of biological systems and in medicine. One of the aims will be to show how mathematics, statistics and computing can be used in an integrated way to biology and
medicine. At the same time, we expect to develop students’ skills in algebraic manipulation, the calculus of linear differential and difference equations, mathematical modelling, matrix algebra and statistical methods; Students will be introduced to the use of mathematical computer packages which are used in mathematical modeling in biology and medicine.
At the end of the course, it is expected that students will have acquired an enhanced knowledge and understanding of mathematical modelling and statistical methods in the analysis of biological systems and in medicine. They will have an improved ability to assess biological inferences that rest on mathematical and statistical arguments. Progress in biomedical research increasingly requires mathematical and computational approaches. Scientists experienced at working at the interface of biology, mathematics and computation are needed. This School will offer unique opportunities for graduate training in this exciting interdisciplinary area.


This school is sponsored by the ERC ‘Skipper’.


  • « Direct and inverse models of the cardiovascular system » Cristobal Bertoglio (CMM U.Chile)
  • « On the evolution of illicit consumption of drugs in a given population« , Muhammad Zaid Dauhoo (Univ. Mauritius)
  • « Modeling and simulation of biologically active suspensions« , Astrid Decoene (Université Paris Sud)
  • « Direct and inverse problems in population dynamics » Marie Doumic (INRIA)
  • « Optimization and uncertainty quantification of 1D arterial models » Laurent Dumas (Université de Versailles)
  • « Renewal equations and age structured models« , Pierre Gabriel (Université de Versailles)


  • Opening ceremony, Monday 5th: 9.30: address and launching of the school by Her Excellency Mrs Ameenah Gurib- Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius.
  • Monday to Friday morning: 2 course sessions (1h30 each)
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon: 3 conferences (50′ each)
  • Wednesday afternoon: free
  • Thursday 8th and Tuesday 13th:school takes place at Institut Français
  • each Friday envening: large audience conference at IFM (conf 1 and conf 2)

Detailed Schedule


For non local students only:

Final list of accepted students


Some pictures of the conference can be found here:

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The slides (in french) of a conference of Pierre Gabriel at Lycée des Mascareignes can also be found here or here (2018 version by Laurent Dumas).



CIMPA 2016 « Mathematical models in biology and medicine »