Publications équipe CRYPTO 2004

  • Mehdi-Laurent Akkar, Régis Bévan and Louis Goubin. Two Power Analysis Attacks against One-Mask Methods. In Proceedings of FSE. 2004.
  • Pierre-Alain Fouque, Antoine Joux and Guillaume Poupard. Blockwise Adversarial Model for On-line Ciphers and Symmetric Encryption Schemes. In Proceedings of SAC. 2004, 212-226.
  • Antoine Joux. Multicollisions in Iterated Hash Functions. Application to Cascaded Constructions. In Proceedings of CRYPTO 3152. 2004, 306-316.
  • Alex Biryukov, Christophe De Cannière and Michael Quisquater. On Multiple Linear Approximations. In Proceedings of CRYPTO 3152. 2004, 1-22.
  • Jacques Patarin. Security of Random Feistel Schemes with 5 or more Rounds. In Proceedings of CRYPTO 3152. 2004, 106-122.
  • Audrey Montreuil and Jacques Patarin. The Marriage Proposal Problem: Fair and Efficient Solution for Two-Party Computations. In Proceedings of INDOCRYPT 3348. 2004, 33-47.
  • Louis Goubin, Christian Mauduit and Andras Sarközy. Construction of large families of pseudo-random binary sequences. Journal of Number Theory 106(1):56-69, 2004.
  • Antoine Joux. A One Round Protocol for Tripartite Diffie-Hellman. J. Cryptology 17(4):263-276, 2004.
  • Mehdi-Laurent Akkar. Attaque et Méthodes de Protections de Systèmes Cryptographiques Embarqués. UVSQ, 2004.
  • Michael Quisquater. Applications of Character Theory and the Möbius Inversion Principle to the Study of Cryptographic Properties of Boolean Functions. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2004.
Publications équipe CRYPTO 2004