Cryptographic algorithms and protocols for emerging applications

Cryptography for “Cloud Computing”

  • Security requirements for the cloud

– Confidentiality: the storage provider does not learn any information about the data of its customers

– Integrity: any unauthorized modification of a customer’s data by the “storage provider” can be detected by the customer

  • Goals:

– Construction of efficient completely homomorphic encryption schemes -> privacy-preserving protocols

– Improvement of cryptography based on couplings on elliptic or hyperelliptic curves -> IBE, “searchable” encryption (ANR ECLIPSES project)

– IRT SystemX: Crypto for cloud computing


Multivariable cryptography

  • Benefits :

– Very short signatures

– Very fast signature schemes

– Post-quantum cryptography

  • Defaults :

– Large public keys

– Numerous cryptanalyses

  • Goals :

– Obtaining proven safety results

– Improved management of large public keys

– Optimizations on new hardware architectures


Euclidean network based algorithms

  • Cryptographic schemes based on the difficulty of finding short vectors in networks

– Find signature diagrams with security proofs (worst case / average case reduction)

– FPGA implementations of network-based cryptography -> new developments to be expected


  • CLE Project (ANR Young Researchers)

– Cryptography from Learning with Errors


  • ALICE Project (DGA-RAPID)

– Advanced LattIce based Cryptography for Emerging applications