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Publications équipe CRYPTO 2006

  • Christophe Giraud. An RSA Implementation Resistant to Fault Attacks and to Simple Power Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Computers 55(9):1116-1120, septembre 2006.
  • David Azemard, Abdellatif Benjelloun-Touimi, Claude Delpha, Pierre Duhamel, Jean-Bernard Fischer, Caroline Fontaine, Christophe Giraud, Alain Le Guyader, Patrice Martin and Michel Milhau. Secured Diffusionof Music on mobile : a Convincing and Practical Security Model for Content Protection. In e-Smart. 2006.
  • Emmanuel Prouff, Christophe Giraud and Sébastien Aumônier. Provably Secure S-Box Implementation Based on Fourier Transform. In Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, CHES 2006 4249. 2006, 216-230.
  • Abdellatif Benjelloun-Touimi, Jean-Bernard Fischer, Caroline Fontaine, Christophe Giraud and Michel Milhau. Enhanced Security Architecture for Music Distribution on Mobile. In 11th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security, ESORICS 2006 4189. 2006, 97-109.
  • Yannick Monnet, Marc Renaudin, Régis Leveugle, Christophe Clavier and Pascal Moitrel. Case study of a fault attack on asynchronous DES cryptoprocessors. In David Naccache Luca Breveglieri Israel Koren and Jean-Pierre Seifert (eds.). Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography FDTC 06 4236. 2006, 88-97.
  • Eric Brier, Benoit Chevallier-Mames, Mathieu Ciet and Christophe Clavier. Why one should also secure RSA public key elements. In Mitsuru Matsui Louis Goubin (ed.). Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 4249. 2006, 324-338.
  • Frédéric Amiel, Christophe Clavier and Michael Tunstall. Fault analysis of DPA-resistant algorithms. In David Naccache Luca Breveglieri Israel Koren and Jean-Pierre Seifert (eds.). Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography FDTC 06 4236. 2006, 223-236.
  • Nicolas Courtois, Blandine Debraize and Eric Garrido. On Exact Algebraic [Non-]Immunity of S-Boxes Based on Power Functions. In Proceedings of Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy 4058. 2006, 76-86.
  • Olivier Billet and Henri Gilbert. Cryptanalysis of Rainbow. In Proceedings of Security and Cryptography for Networks 4116. 2006. 5th International Conference.
  • Frédéric Muller and Thomas Peyrin. Cryptanalysis of T-Function-Based Hash Functions. In Proceedings of ICISC 4296. 2006. 9th International Conference.
  • Thomas Peyrin, Henri Gilbert, Frédéric Muller and Matthew Robshaw. Combining Compression Functions and Block Cipher-Based Hash Functions. In Proceedings of Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 4284. 2006. 12th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security.
  • Côme Berbain, Olivier Billet, Anne Canteaut, Nicolas Courtois, Blandine Debraize, Henri Gilbert, Louis Goubin, Aline Gouget, Louis Granboulan, Cédric Lauradoux, Marine Minier, Thomas Pornin and Hervé Sibert. DecimV2. In Proceedings of SASC. 2006.
  • Nicolas Courtois and Louis Goubin. Cryptology and Smart Cards : the Way to Go. In Proceedings of E-Smart. 2006.
  • Antoine Joux and Frédéric Muller. Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks Against MOSQUITO. In Proceedings of FSE 4047. 2006, 390-404.
  • Louis Granboulan, Antoine Joux and Jacques Stern. Inverting HFE is Quasipolynomial. In Proceedings of CRYPTO 4117. 2006, 345-356.
  • Antoine Joux, Reynald Lercier, Nigel Smart and Frederik Vercauteren. The Number Field Sieve in the Medium Prime Case. In Proceedings of CRYPTO 4117. 2006, 326-344.
  • Antoine Joux and Pascal Delaunay. Galois LFSR, Embedded Devices and Side Channel Weaknesses. In Proceedings of INDOCRYPT 4329. 2006, 436-451.
  • Côme Berbain, Henri Gilbert and Jacques Patarin. Quad : a Practical Stream Cipher with Provable Security. In Proceedings of EUROCRYPT 4004. 2006, 109-128.
  • Antoine Joux and Reynald Lercier. The Function Field Sieve in the Medium Prime Case. In Proceedings of EUROCRYPT 4004. 2006, 254-270.
  • Jacques Patarin and Berbain Côme Nachef Valérie and. Generic attacks on unbalanced Feistel Schemes with contracting functions. In Proceedings of ASIACRYPT 4284. 2006, 396-411.
  • Louis Goubin. La Sécurité Multimédia. Chapter Cartes à puces, Hermes Science, 2006.
  • Louis Goubin and Mitsuru Matsui (eds.). Proceedings of the CHES’2006 conference (Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems) 4249. Springer-Verlag, 2006.
  • Audrey Montreuil. Mariage et Papillons (calcul multi-parties et schéma de Benes revisité). UVSQ, 2006.