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Equipe "Analyse et équations aux dérivées partielles"

The team works on many areas of partial differential equations. Some of our research work are either applied to other fields such as biology, mechanics, physics, or are collaboration with colleagues from these disciplines.

Research Topics

The main research topics are :

  • Numerical analysis, modeling, simulation
  • Control and inverse problems
  • Qualitative properties
  • Mathematics for Physics


- PDE Days and Seminar

- Conferences

- Grants

- International collaborations :

  • "Asymptotic dynamics driven by solitons and traveling fronts in nonlinear PDE", 11-15 July 2011, Santiago, Chile Programme and registration
  • Co-responsibility between the project PICS ENS Paris and the University of Bilbao (Spain) since 2001.
  • The team is responsible for several international cooperation agreements such as : a cooperation agreement with Iran, the coordination of a European ALFA contract with Brazil, Chile, Spain and Italy, a project ECOS -CONICYT cooperation with the University of Chile.

Team Members

- Manager : Luc Robbiano

- Professors and Directors of Research

Christophe Chalons, PR
Laurent Dumas, PR
Otared Kavian, PR
Jean-Pierre Puel, PR emeritus
Luc Robbiano, PR
Paolo Vannucci, PR

- Assistant Professors and PRAG

Tahar Boulmezaoud, AP
accreditation to supervise research
Philippe Cieutat, PRAG
accreditation to supervise research
Pierre Gabriel, AP
Christine Poirier, AP
Vahagn Nersesyan, AP
accreditation to supervise research
Maëlle Nodet, MCF
accreditation to supervise research
Tseveendorj Ider, AP
accreditation to supervise research

- PhD student, ATER, post-doc

Thibaud Beltzung, PhD student CEA
Melek Jellouli, PhD student
Hugo Martin, external PhD student
Hélène Mertz, PhD student Airbus
Mamadou Ndao, ATER
Florian Omnès, post-doc
Bibi Yusra Ruhommally, external PhD student
Cécilia Tarpau, external PhD student

- Volunteer collaborator

Max Cerf, EADS Astrium Space Transportation