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Equipe "Algèbre et Géométrie"

Equipe Algèbre et Géométrie (Team "Algebra and Geometry" in march 2011)

Concentrating his skills on two areas of excellence, algebraic geometry and arithmetic geometry (Lie theory, singularities, the Langlands program, computer algebra), the team is constantly developing attractive training, scientific links with the most major national and international institutions leading to scientific work of the highest level.

Research Topics

  • Effective algebraic geometry, generic ideals, Gröbner bases, effective resolution of singularities.
  • Birational geometry, singularities, local algebra
  • Projective geometry, vector bundles, Hilbert scheme
  • Arithmetic Geometry and Applications p-adic
  • Lie groups, representations, applications
  • Quantum Groups
  • Kac-Moody algebras,
  • Crystals
  • Applications


- Seminars and working groups :

- Conferences

- Grants :

- International collaborations :

  • The team members are part of the European Network EAGER
  • In the framework of the european project SOCRATES, an agreement UVSQ / University of Valladolid provides access to courses of the third cycle in Valladolid.

Team Members

- Manager : Lucia Di Vizio

- Teachers and Directors of Research

Martin Andler, PR emeritus
Vincent Cossart, PR emeritus
Lucia Di Vizio, DR
Laurent Gruson, PR emeritus
Monique Lejeune-Jalabert, DR emeritus
Mireille Martin-Deschamps, PR emeritus
Nicolas Perrin->rub366], PR
Vincent Sécherre, PR
Mikhail Tsfasman, DR
Dimitri Zvonkine, DR

- Assistant Professors and Research Officers

Maria Chlouveraki, AP
Stéphane Ginouillac, AP
Mohamed Krir, MCF
Guillermo Moreno-Socias, AP
Olivier Piltant, CR
Luc Pirio, CR

- PhD student and post-doc

Bastien Drevon, PhD student
Ahmed Moussaoui, post-doc Hadamard
Sybille Rosset, PhD student
Salim Rostam, PhD student
Arsen Shebsukhov, PhD student

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