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4 événements

  • Algèbre Géométrie

    Mardi 6 février 10:00-11:00 - Ahmed Moussaoui - UVSQ

    Ahmed Moussaoui : Théorie de Harish-Chandra I

    Lieu : Fermat 2205

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  • Probabilités Statistiques

    Mardi 6 février 11:30-12:30 - Jean-Marc Bardet - Univ. Paris I (Laboratoire SAMM)

    A new non-parametric detector of univariate outliers for distributions with unbounded support

    Résumé : The purpose of this paper is to construct a new non-parametric detector of univariate outliers and to study its asymptotic properties. This detector is based on a Hill’s type statistic. It satisfies a unique asymptotic behavior for a large set of probability distributions with positive unbounded support (for instance : for the absolute value of Gaussian, Gamma, Weibull, Student or regular variations distributions). We have illustrated our results by numerical simulations, which show the accuracy of this detector with respect to other usual univariate outlier detectors (Tukey, MAD or Local Outlier Factor detectors). The detection of outliers in a database providing the prices of used cars is also proposed as an application to real-life database.

    Lieu : Batiment Fermat, en salle 2102

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  • Algèbre Géométrie

    Mardi 6 février 11:30-12:30 - Paolo Rossi - Université de Bourgogne

    Paolo Rossi : Moduli space of curves, tautological relations and integrable systems

    Résumé : In the study of the topology of moduli space of stable curves and its tautological ring, a surprising feature is the appearence of integrable systems of PDEs (typically in terms of generating functions of intersection numbers of various types of cohomology classes). Beside being a remarkable bridge towards mathematical physics, this fact brings new powerful techniques to the field. In a recent series of papers with A. Buryak, B. Dubrovin and J. Guéré, we construct an integrable system from any given cohomological field theory using various tautological classes (including the double ramification cycle) and we compare it with the more classical Dubrovin-Zhang integrable hierarchy. This comparison suggests a new, large family of conjectural tautological relations in all genera and number of marked points. I will report on our progress in proving them and on their applications.

    Lieu : Fermat - Salle 2205

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  • Mardi 6 février 14:00-18:00 - Vincent Sécherre

    Jury M1 MINT

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